Managing Team

The managing team of IQST is supporting and assisting the IQST board in the overall management of the center. The office ensures the sustainable development and continuous improvement of this inter-institutional and interdisciplinary center. The managing team puts ideas into action and has oversight of all of the center’s activities.  To ensure the center’s long-term success they are actively creating new programs to promote collaboration within the center, building a graduate school, creating partnerships with industry, and organization of the center.  They are a team with many years of experience in academia and industry.    

Astrid Buck

University of Stuttgart

5th Institute of Physics

… is the financial administrator of the center.

Tel +49 (0)711/685-64820

Christine Heuschmid

Ulm University

Institute of Complex Quantum Systems

… is organizing the IQST management office.

Tel +49 (0)731/50 22875

Dr. Sonja Lebus-Henn

Ulm University

Institute of Complex Quantum Systems

… is the program and outreach manager of the center.

Tel +49 (0)731/50 22874